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The mission of Footsteps of Change, Inc. is to provide effective therapy to individuals in need through evidence-based interventions, across all settings, provided by compassionate and highly-trained staff, thereby restoring hope for the individuals we serve and their families that growth and change are always possible, regardless of the circumstances.

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  What Others Are Saying (Unsolicited)

“You [Mrs. Van Dorn] were put here for a reason and I just want you to know that you make a huge difference in our lives by your actions and just the way you speak. It took years to figure out what worked with him [son] and really until you came into the picture, I had little hope as how else to help him. It takes an amazing person to do what you do and handle with such professionalism and grace and for that I can’t thank you enough.” – Parent

“[Mrs. Van Dorn] did an extraordinary job coaching the [team]… Within 4 months the student had "graduated" from his behavior plan. In my career, I have never witnessed a student "graduating" from a behavior plan. The student is thriving in the general education classroom with minimal supports.”
– Administrator

“Watching and learning from you [Mrs. Van Dorn] has made it a successful year personally for me. At times, I was unsure of myself but you have provided such strong support. It has touched my heart that you have had complete confidence in me from the start. I’m happy and having fun!”
– Paraprofessional

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Providing services to meet therapy and training needs across home, school, and community settings.

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